A new update has been released on Eqvista where the administrator or superuser can create share certificates on their grants. The process is very simple, just like every other process to prepare your cap table and documents on Eqvista.

Here are the steps to create a share certificate on Eqvista:

Step 1: Log into your Eqvista account and select your company profile to reach the dashboard. From here, click on “Company” from the left side menu and then on “Certificates”. By doing this, you will reach the following page.

Create certificate

Here, click on “Create Certificate”.

Step 2: Once you do this, a new panel will appear on the page as shown below.

Select grants

Here, you need to first select the Equity class. In this case, we selected the option “Founders”. Once you do this, the shareholders who have received the shares from the founder equity class would appear below. You will then need to select the founder whose certificate you want to create.

The moment you select the founder, you will see the certificate number appear on the right-side panel near the names. Once done, click on “Next”.

Note: Before you create a certificate, you will have to ensure that you have added the shareholder and have issued shares to them. Check out our support article here.

Step 3: The next step takes you to a place to add the executor who would be signing the certificate.

Assign executors

Here, we selected the superuser account. After that, you will need to choose the designation of the person signing the certificate, as shown above, where we selected the option “Secretary”. Only two people are allowed to sign the certificate, namely the director or the secretary.

Note: Company users can only be assigned as executors. To know how to add a company user read this support article.

Once you are done with this, click on “Next”.

Step 4: The last step involves you cross-checking the information including the shareholder’s certificate you want to create and the executor who would be signing the certificate. Once you check it, you can then click on “Submit”.

cross-checking certificate information

Step 5: Since you are the admin and the superuser (because only the admin has the option to do this), you will be directed to the following page where you need to click on the certificate and then sign it.

view certificate

On this page, click on the option that says, “View Certificate”.

Step 6: Once you click here, you will reach the page where you can see the certificate and sign it.

download the certificate without signing it

But before we can move ahead and sign the certificate, you will notice that there is an option where you can download the certificate without signing it. Basically, the admin or superuser has the option to download the unsigned certificate.

For this, you just need to click on “Download” as shown above. And with this, you will have the certificate downloaded without the signatures.

Step 7: But if you want to complete the signed certificate signed (by you and the shareholder), you will first have to sign it. To do this, go to the end of the certificate and click on the box that has your name, as shown below.

Signature box

Step 8: When you click on it, a tick and undo option would appear above it as shown below. Add your signature in the box using the cursor to write in it.

Add signature

Once done, click on the “Tick” to get the signature finalized. And in case you want to undo the signature to re-do it, click on the “undo” option.

Note: User can’t make any edits once the certificate is created. If you want to delete the certificate then you need to delete the grant and re-issue it to create new certificate.

Download certificate

Now, you can download the certificate by clicking on the button that says “Download Certificate”.

But in case you want the shareholder to also sign the certificate, the next step is to send them a request. Once they have signed the certificate, you can then download the completed certificate. The shareholder would also be able to download the certificate once they sign it.

Make sure you shared the access to the shareholder where they sees just his/her equity transactions. They will not have access to the captable. To know how to to share access to shareholder check our support article here.

And just like this, you can easily create share certificates being the admin on Eqvista. To learn how to navigate through Eqvista and get other things done, check out our other support articles here!

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