Cap Table Spreadsheet View

Manage your company shareholders and equity grants in the spreadsheet view.

Eqvista is always looking for new ways to assist our clients’ in solving problems. Managing clients’ company stock, common equity, cap tables, and company filings are the things Eqvista is well known for. Other than this, we notice that our clients have to issue a large number of option grants and keep track of them. Therefore, we came up with a new spreadsheet feature that will make the process easier and efficient.

With our new Spreadsheet feature, Eqvista clients can now handle their company stocks and grants using similar functions to Excel spreadsheets. The feature allows you to easily add, alter and erase multiple rows and columns of data, and view data in a table form. In the cap table, spreadsheet view users can add their data similar to Excel but with more advanced features like error notifications/tips based on their company equity data. It also offers tips and advice to make the tables error-free.

Cap Table Spreadsheet View in Eqvista

Managing your cap table on Eqvista has never been easier! There are several reasons why our new spreadsheet view feature will make managing your company’s equity hassle-free:

  • Perfect for people who prefer Excel in managing stocks and grants – People who are experienced in using Excel in managing their cap table will find the feature familiar. What you can do on Excel, you can also do on Eqvista.
  • Error notifications and tips  – This unique feature informs users when a problem has occurred in the cap table. The problem will be explained, and you will be provided with a solution so you can solve what happened. Effective error notifications and tips can result in powerful error-free work.
  • Easily apply and implement vesting schedules – With the help of spreadsheet view, one can easily apply and implement the vesting schedules to multiple shareholders at the same time. You can save time by doing it all at once rather than having to individually implement the vesting schedule per shareholder.
  • Easy-to-use interface – One of the most prominent features of Eqvista’s cap table spreadsheet view is how easy it is to make edits. Just like in Excel, you can add, edit, delete multiple rows/columns of information easily.

Cap Table Spreadsheet View in Eqvista

How is Eqvista’s spreadsheet view different from excel sheets?

While many people use Excel to keep track of the shares of their company, it’s not the most reliable method since many things can go wrong. Entering the wrong information without realizing it, accidentally deleting the Excel file, are just some common problems you face when using Excel to manage your company’s equity. It becomes a bigger problem when your company grows; it makes Excel way more difficult to manage your cap table.

By using an equity management platform (like Eqvista), we solve all these problems. Using Eqvista’s spreadsheet feature not only allows you to save all important information in one place, you can have your data checked by our smart software to ensure your cap table is error-free. The good news is, if you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use Eqvista’s spreadsheet feature.

Aside from managing your company equity, Eqvista already has built-in calculations so that you do not have to do them yourself. It is easier with Eqvista!

What do we offer in our spreadsheet view?

Aside from being an easy-to-use and reliable feature, our spreadsheet view can also help you with several things in managing your business:

  • View and manage shareholders in table – In this table, you can view all of your shareholders in one place. You can also add more shareholders if needed, or delete them. You can add shareholders who are founders, employees, board members, investors, advisors etc. For a detailed guide on how to use the shareholder’s table, click here.
  • View and manage equity grants in the table (common/preferred) – You can now manage common and preferred equity grants in one place. Common equity grants will have their own table, and the same goes for preferred equity grants. Here, you can add shareholders, equity class, grant name, share amount and share price. We have step-by-step guides on how to use the common equity grants table and preferred equity grants table.
  • View and manage option grants in table – Option grants can be managed in one table. You can add shareholders, option classes, grant names, option types, and option amounts. You can also view their reserved options easily. Know more on how to manage option grants through this guide.
  • Apply & implement vesting schedules for equities in the spreadsheet view – In the above spreadsheets, you can easily apply and implement vesting schedules (if any). You can assign schedules to multiple shareholders at the same time, saving time and effort rather than doing it all individually.


The Spreadsheet feature is one of Eqvista’s most advanced features that is only available to Premium account holders. Sign up for a Premium account now to enjoy what Eqvista has to offer! Click here for more information on our pricing plans.

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