Eqvista – CapTable roadmap

Here is a summary of what we have developed in the past few months and what the product will be in the near future.

We are developing our products very fast. We don’t usually hold long meetings and discussions over very minor decisions. We have an experienced team making decisions on their best industrial knowledge, therefore we were able to move fast and develop one of the most user friendly CapTable management platforms on the market. We are oriented to UX & UI so you can issue and manage shares on our platform without extended knowledge of equity practice.

We also welcome any suggestions if you feel we should implement anything prior to our plan. We put clients first so we are happy to receive any suggestions at: tom@eqvista.com.

April – June | 2018

July – September | 2018

  • Shareholder roles
  • Issue shares
  • Equity shares class
  • Documents management system
  • Timeline

October – December | 2018

January – March | 2019

  • Captable interface
  • Dashboard
  • Onboarding upgrade
  • Responsive design
  • Excel export functionality

April – June | 2019

  • Vesting schedules and Vesting plans
  • Extra functionality for: RSU, RSA, Options – ISO, NSO, EMI and Warrants

July – September | 2019

October – December | 2019

  • New vesting system: time-based and milestone, or goal-based vesting
  • Equity/Warrant/Option grant update of UX
  • Smart reminders for employees – vest, pause, sell, cancel, exercise, etc.
  • Multi-currency accounts

January – March | 2020

  • Payment Gateway
  • Financial modeling; Exit analysis, Debt, Dilution
  • Cap Table Versioning

APRIL – JUNE | 2020

JULY – SEP | 2020

  • Shareholders Page updated
  • Brand new documents component (still not on a final step)
  • Updated brand new components: Equity grant, Warrant grant, Option grant
  • Updated all secondary transaction components: Transfer, Repurchase, Cancelation, Vesting control.
  • Updated interface for issue shares/options/warrants operations.

OCT – NOV | 2020

  • Updated user system. Now the same user can have multiple accounts under different roles.
  • Updated user invitation system.
  • New component: Electronic acceptance.

DEC – FEB | 2021

  • New component: Company certificates (generate and sign equity grants certificates).
  • Updated core database architecture, classes no longer require share reservations.

MARCH – MAY | 2021

  • Added: Fractional shares
  • Updated vesting schedule architecture. Exercise, transfer, repurchase now available while the grant has an active vesting schedule.
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Features in progress: JUNE – SEP 2021

  • Reporting (10 different types)
  • Updated dashboard
  • User notification
  • Updated convertible notes component
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  • Easy shareholders onboarding – excel format API (suitable for 50+ shareholders onboarding)
  • Stock Option Expensing (ASC 718)
  • Rule 701
  • ISO $100k limits
  • 83(b) election
  • Rule 144
  • Rule 3921
  • ASC505
  • AMT Tax for ISO exercises
  • NSO tax (withholdings for employees)
  • LLC types
  • Dual Signature
  • Different currencies

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If you want to start issuing and managing shares, Try out our Eqvista App, it is free and all online!