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How to Value Pre-Seed Startups?

With the recent funding trends, pre-seed startups are gaining attention. Pre-seed startups are new businesses in the very early stages of development and looking to raise capital. Valuing pre-seed startups refers to the process of determining the economic worth of a startup. Now, you might wonder how to value a pre-seed startup, why we should … Continued

Startup Valuation Calculator: Quickly value your startup

If you’re an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you’ll probably want to know the worth of your company. Typically, the startup valuation is based on its future expectations and projections, which are sometimes difficult to quantify. In recent years, with technological advancements, sophisticated tools have been available that simplify the process of calculating the … Continued

A Founder’s Guide to Valuing a Startup Idea

When an entrepreneur wants to start their own business, they need to come up with an idea to grow with. It is the first step of starting a business. While a startup idea is not enough for a business to make it big, there is value in the startup idea itself. An entrepreneur needs to … Continued

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