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Single-Trigger vs. Double-Trigger: Which is Right for Your Employees?

Determining employee incentives and the overall reward structure relies on decisions regarding employee equity compensation, such as vesting and triggering mechanisms. The single-trigger and double-trigger systems represent two approaches used in this situation. Each system provides distinct advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on various criteria, such as business culture, staff retention goals, and … Continued

Amazon Restricted Stock Units (RSU) and How are they taxed?

Amazon’s corporate compensation package includes restricted stock units (RSUs), which provide employees with an ownership stake in the company. RSUs, on the other hand, differ from stock options and restricted stock, particularly in terms of taxation. Let’s take a closer look at RSUs and how you may make the most of this component of your … Continued

When should I sell my RSUs or Restricted Stock Units?

Some people think that owning regular stocks is similar to owning Restricted stock units or RSUs. Irrespective of the menacing name, RSUs could be a valuable tool for planning. Big companies such as Google and Tesla provide their employees with RSUs to retain talented employees and keep them engaged in the company. RSUs value depends … Continued

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