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SAFE/Convertible Note vs Priced Round

Funding rounds or investments in privately held companies often raise whether the company should use a SAFE and convertible note or priced equity rounds. Each option has unique effects, demanding careful analysis. SAFE notes are popular among startups and similar to stock options, as convertible notes are debt instruments with the right to convert into … Continued

Key Terms of Convertible Notes and SAFEs

SAFE and convertible notes are great choices accessible to startups needing pre-seed or seed capital. Startups use Convertible instruments to raise financing. Choosing the right one will depend on how well you grasp the Convertible and SAFE note terms and which suits your business better. Convertible notes and SAFEs are the same instruments, differing in … Continued

Convertible Note Interest Rate: Everything You Need to Know

A convertible note is a financial instrument that is recognized as a hybrid of both debt and equity. Basically, it is a form of a debt instrument with a time-dependent conversion which can be converted into equity by the note holder. In basic terms, a convertible note is an alternative financial tool that allows a … Continued

Convertible Notes: Things You Need to Understand

Being an entrepreneur might seem like an easy way to achieve success. But often it’s a rocky road you must navigate and steer your business in the right direction. There are many things that you will come across that require difficult decisions and cause stress. If you have a new startup on your hands and … Continued

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