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Filing 83(b) Election: Introducing Eqvista’s New Premium Feature

For employees and founders, there is a provision under IRC to pay taxes upfront on the FMV of Restricted Stock at the time of granting for beneficial tax purposes, which is called an 83(b) election. In short, you set your tax basis of your shares early on (early tax payment), and any gains down the … Continued

How to Take Advantage of the 83(b) Election Tax Strategy?

Knowing the tax law and its different provisions is one approach to preventing paying too much in taxes. 83(b) election tax strategy to assist you in reducing the tax burden for employees or firms. Suppose you are a startup founder or employee and you get restricted stock awards (RSA) or options as part of your … Continued

Election 83(b) for Startups: Overview and Benefits

A person, such as a startup founder or employee, might opt to include the fair market value of property connected to the performance of services as income under section 83 (b). The election simply permits a person to choose to be taxed when the property is received rather than when it is completely vested. In … Continued

Why Do Startups Need 83(b) Election?

Startups looking for venture capital and angel investment should look into 83(b) elections. 83(b) Election can help you save a lot of money in the long run, and it’s generally one move that startup founders should consider. Before making the decision though, it’s important to understand what 83(b) Election is, how it works, and how … Continued

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