HMRC Valuation

Expert valuation services for EMI, SIP, and CSOP, helping you achieve HMRC compliance and ensure tax-efficient solutions for your UK business.

An HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) valuation represents a broad term for a business valuation that gives out option grants in the UK under an EMI, CSOP, or SIP plan. The value tells your company how much to pay for shares when giving options to employees.

HMRC valuation’s major advantage is that it can help your company acquire a fair valuation of its shares before providing options to workers. In addition to these advantages, HMRC valuation is also very important because:

  • In a way that allows option holders to feel good about the worth of their holdings during exercise.
  • Using conventional share valuation methods gives employees and the firm confidence that their tax status won’t change.

Regarding HMRC valuation services, Eqvista, provides in-depth guidance and assistance to guarantee that your appraisals adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. With a focus on accuracy and compliance, our specialist team assists customers in navigating the intricacies of HMRC valuation.

Here are multiple ways you can benefit from Eqvista’s HMRC Valuation services.

Eqvista HMRC Valuation Services

Eqvista specializes in providing various HMRC valuation services, including:

Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Valuation

HMRC launched the EMI program to incentivize businesses to offer employees share options. Both the company and the employee benefit from the scheme’s tax advantages.

Options up to £250,000 are available to qualified employees under EMI. Full-time employment with the company is a prerequisite for eligibility. We aid in the valuation of EMI options, allowing companies and their workers to make well-informed selections while staying in tax compliance.

Share Incentive Scheme(SIP) Valuation

A share incentive plan (SIP) allows workers to buy shares of their business or its parent company while receiving favorable tax treatment. Large organizations often manage SIPs because of their intended accessibility to all employees.

You can get tax breaks if you report the SIP to HMRC properly, as the law requires. SIP-awarded shares may require an appraisal in certain circumstances. When granting an award or shares stop being subject to a SIP, it is important to conduct a share valuation. Our services simplify the SIP valuation process for both employers and workers, allowing both to realize the full potential of this incentive program.

Company Share Option Plan (CSOP) Valuation

CSOP is an alternative HMRC-sponsored initiative for businesses not qualifying for EMI. The tax approach is much like EMI, but the awarded money is much less.

But starting in April 2023, the maximum a person can earn through CSOP will go up from £30,000 to £60,000. This big change will make the plan twice as good as a reward for employees. Eqvista assists companies and people in arranging their finances and taxes by providing accurate information on the worth of CSOP options.

How Long Does it Take?

We typically finish your estimate in around 5 business days. HMRC estimates are time-sensitive and usually only work for a certain time.

The validity period for an HMRC valuation is 90 days from the valuation date.

Hence, responding promptly to the valuation results and executing any required measures within this span to guarantee adherence to HMRC regulations and guidelines is critical.

Why Choose Eqvista for HMRC Valuation?

  • Our internal specialists at Eqvista are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring precise, compliant valuations tailored to your needs.
  • Eqvista delivers tailored reports for EMI, SIP, CSOP, and more, helping you make informed decisions based on your unique requirements.
  • Beyond accuracy, our valuations are tax-efficient, enabling you to manage tax responsibilities while adhering to HMRC regulations.
  • Eqvista offers cost-effective, personalized valuation plans for companies of all sizes, providing quality without compromising affordability.
  • Over 14,000 businesses trust Eqvista for accurate, dependable, and legally compliant valuations, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Our Process & Methodology

Regarding the HMRC valuation procedure, Eqvista maintains the highest levels of accuracy and expertise. We use HMRC-approved valuation methods to comply with the tax authority.

  • Post Consultation: After an initial consultation on information about your business and finances, we begin our simplified procedure.
  • Investigation: Our experienced valuation team conducts a thorough investigation considering the company’s financial standing, its assets, and the particulars of the transaction, among other variables that affect the value.
  • Report: You’ll get a detailed valuation report that you can use to make tax-wise and well-informed decisions.

There are two primary metrics in this report:

  • Unrestricted Market Value (UMV) is the free and open market price of the assets or transactions under consideration. It provides an accurate and impartial valuation of the situation. The person (at £250,000) or the company (at £3,000,000) cannot spend more than that on stock options.
  • Actual Market Value (AMV) shows the fair market value of an asset or transaction, adjusted for any constraints, special circumstances, or other factors. EMI shares will represent a minor percentage of the business’s equity and may be marketable on exercise. Therefore, the AMV will not surpass the UMV and may even be lower. This figure accurately shows the worth of the assets or transactions in question.

How to Get Started?

Starting up with Eqvista for your HMRC valuation requirements is easy:

  • Contact Us: Contact Eqvista through our website or our team directly. You can typically initiate this process via phone, email, or an online inquiry form.
  • Initial Consultation: We will schedule an initial consultation to understand your valuation requirements. During this consultation, we will discuss the purpose of the valuation, your company’s details, and any unique considerations.
  • Provide Necessary Information: You must specify your business and its finances. This may contain financial statements, transaction information, and data about any applicable challenges or restrictions.
  • Expert Assessment: Our experienced in-house valuation experts will thoroughly assess the provided information. They will apply HMRC-approved processes and methodologies to conduct a comprehensive analysis.
  • Valuation Report: Our team will generate a detailed valuation report upon completing the assessment. This report will include the calculated Unrestricted Market Value (UMV) and Actual Market Value (AMV), along with all the supporting information and explanations.
  • Review and Approval: If you have any questions or reservations about the value report, our specialists will talk to you before you approve. Once the report meets your needs, you may give it your approval.
  • Finalization: We will finalize the valuation report after your approval, ensuring that every element aligns with HMRC’s standards and guidelines.
  • Delivery: You will receive the finished and finalized valuation report, usually in a format that makes it simple to submit to HMRC or utilize it for your financial decision-making and tax compliance.

Get Your HMRC Valuation Today!

Hiring an HMRC valuation firm to determine your company’s worth will greatly reduce your risk exposure. Given the significance of obtaining a value and the associated expense, we have set our rates at extremely competitive levels to assist your business better.

At a starting price of $1,290, our HMRC valuation services are affordable for businesses and individuals. We offer quick turnaround times and accurate, audit-ready, cost-effective valuation services. Get in touch with us if you need assistance locating a suitable HMRC valuation service we’ll get back to you right away.


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