The Importance of Privacy Walls in FinTech

When it comes to money, privacy and confidentiality are critical.

At Cheqly/Eqvista, we have built an operation that will ultimately address all of the banking, finance and shareholder needs of private companies, from inception to IPO.

  • Cheqly is an advanced Neobank for private companies, offering services for the start-up founder, all the way to mature life cycle operations.
  • Eqvista provides cap table, investor, and employee management services, as well as company valuation services for similar life cycles of companies.

Foundational to the offering of these services to private companies is Privacy. For decades, institutional banking has operated with what used to be referred to as a “Chinese Wall;” more recently, it’s been aptly referenced to as an “ethics wall.” Cheqly, while a neobank, operates more in the traditional banking sector, whereas Eqvista in the financial services vertical. By whichever term, this “wall” was constructed to limit the ability of financial services firms from mining customer data from the banking clients – and vice versa. As Cheqly and Eqvista operate independently, their clients’ information should be siloed as well. And customers of each should not only be confident in the sanctity of their information, but certainly never concern themselves with how or by whom it will be used – except in the management and administration of the services which they expressly contracted.


At Cheqly/Eqvista, we respect our clients’ privacy – period. We maintain a robust Compliance Team layer to continually review and police systems and processes to not only ensure best practices within each of the two subsidiaries (Cheqly and Eqvista), but particularly between the two entities. From both a data access and operational team standpoint, all necessary engineering and functional precautions are taken and continually reviewed to respect the privacy of our clients’ information.

In the event information could or ever would be shared, either cross-company or intra-business units, Cheqly and Eqvista will request our client’s express permission to do so. This express permission will never be ambiguous, open for interpretation or obfuscated – it will be clear. If a client opts out, that’s it. If they opt in, they will be opting in with clear purpose and benefit to them.

Our goal at Cheqly/Eqvista is to provide services to founders, investors, owners, and entrepreneurs that facilitate not only the success of their business, but make the financial management of their company easier, more efficient, as well as economical. We want to grow with you, not because of you.

Let’s do this together, in private!

Cheqly Overview


Full-Service Neobank for Private Companies

  • Checking, Savings, Debit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Wallet, Wire Transfers, Deposits, ACH
  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Licensed by Evolve Bank & Trust; DBS HK pending
  • FDIC Insured
  • Approved by Hong Kong Regulators
  • Licensing by the SEC as a Transfer Agent (pending)


  • Cash Flow and Venture Debt Financing
  • Credit Cards
  • AI Risk Assessment & Credit Scoring
  • Bank Acquisition

Eqvista Overview


Cap Table Management & Business Valuation (incl. 409a)

  • 83b, ISO/NSO Management and Issuance, ESOPs, Warrants, SAFEs, KISS and Convertible Notes
  • Stats:
    • 17,000 Clients
    • 400 Clients Added Monthly (Dec.’23)
    • $50B AuM (avg. $2.9M/client)


  • AI Automation of Research in Valuation Process
  • Real-Time Valuation Updates
  • Private Company “Stock Ticker”
  • Automated Investor Updates
  • 3P API
  • Secondary Marketplace (w/ double opt-in)

Built by founders – for founders

We understand the critical importance of confidence in all aspects related to your money – it is your lifeblood, how you exist, how you grow, how you’ll succeed!

Our goal is to build services to address all of the critical functions encountered from the inception of your idea to the day you ‘ring the bell’ – and everything in between.

This has not been a simple undertaking. Many of us have launched companies and found success with one or a few products; we conceive them, design, engineer, find PMF, generate revenue and grow. In the world of banking and finance, it’s not quite that simple. There are governmental licensing and regulatory requirements on the long road to signing up your first client.

And here’s how we did it:


To become a “neobank” (a bank that operates exclusively online), a company either needs to be a bank or develop a partnership with an established bank (or banks) and build out and offer an array of services that meet the needs of their market; in the case of Cheqly, we have assembled the money management and banking services we as founders needed and relied upon in the building of multiple companies over the years. (See above.)


From the inception of every company, managing all aspects of ownership and value is on the level of a “superpower” for a founder and ownership. Nothing screams competence of a company’s management and founders than a well-managed cap table and ownership documents. Eqvista provides a founder with all the tools to form your company, issue, track, issue and manage ownership documentation from the first share issued to exit – from friends and family to Series A-X investment, shareholder management, share issuance, scenario modeling, to IRS filings, to stock-based reporting to shareholders, the government, and employees. And, when the cap table changes, parties request it or there’s a requisite event, Eqvista has developed advanced AI valuation processes to deliver a NACVA certified, IRS-compliant 409a valuation of your company, no matter the stage. But, our valuation services don’t stop with just the 409a, Eqvista also offers valuation models relevant to all companies, not just tech startups, such as Investment (VC) Valuation, Startup Valuation, LLC to Inc. Conversion Valuation, Software Valuation (and pricing), Gift & Estate Tax Valuation, HMRC Valuation (UK), and others. These 3rd party valuations are useful in banking and finance transactions, creditor and offering negotiations, accurate financial statement representations, etc. And soon, we will be launching the first “stock ticker” for private companies, providing real-time valuation updates for private companies.

For more information on Cheqly/Eqvista and the services we offer, please contact us at, or schedule a call here.

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