Gift & Estate Tax Valuation

Get accurate and reliable gift and estate tax valuations that ensure compliance and optimize your tax planning strategies

Gift and estate tax regulations require an appraisal of any real estate or business assets that are being transferred. The government may levy taxes on the fair market value of assets. And gift and estate tax valuation helps your business determine that FMV. Accurate gift and estate tax valuation services is necessary for tax compliance and to prevent penalties from the IRS.

Get a professional estate and gift tax valuation service from experts of Eqvista who can help you ensure compliance with all the legal requirements and provide an accurate business valuation for gift and estate tax purposes.

Gift & Estate Taxes

Transfers of property during an individual’s lifetime (gift) or after death (estate) in exchange for nothing or less than full value are subject to taxation of gift and estate taxes. Every country has different laws regarding gift and estate tax laws. However, if you are a US citizen, US resident, or non-resident and accepting an asset as a gift or passed on estates, you may be subject to estate and gift taxes rates ranging from 18% – 40%.

Key Considerations for gift and estate tax valuation

When you’re in the market to get your property valued for estate and gift taxes, it’s important to keep the following consideration in mind:

  • IRS Audit Rate for Estate & Tax Returns – To avoid fines, penalties, and audits, it’s important that your estate and gift tax valuation service provider follows IRS guidelines. Before beginning an evaluation, you should first verify IRS guidelines or guidelines of the revenue service in your country.
  • Possible Penalties for underestimation – Before beginning the appraisal procedure, you should determine the asset’s true value. Penalties and steep taxes may be imposed if a property is undervalued. Therefore, double-check the asset value you’ve allocated to be sure it’s accurate.
  • Disclosure – Providing full and correct information about assets being transferred or included in an estate is crucial to maintain compliance with tax rules, reducing audit risk, and receiving accurate valuations. You may call for penalties and legal repercussions if you fail to disclose or supply false information for your gift and estate tax valuation.

Role of Valuation in determining the tax liability

A gift and estate tax valuation will estimate the FMV of the assets transferred or included in an estate. Since taxable income is based on net worth, the valuation of these assets eliminates the possibility of underestimating or overestimating a taxpayer’s estate and gift taxes liability. An accurate assessment helps meet tax requirements, avoid fines, and make sure assets are distributed fairly among heirs.

Eqvista’s Gift & Estate Tax Valuation Services

Customized to meet your requirements and aid with estate and gift tax planning, Eqvista’s estate and gift tax valuation service comes with full assistance from NACVA-accredited valuation experts. We provide business valuations for the purpose of estate and gift taxes in complete compliance with IRS regulations and guidelines.

Why do our clients choose us for their Gift & Estate Tax Valuations?

  • We are ranked high for customer satisfaction, and work with our clients throughout the process
  • We are 20-40% more affordable than other valuation firms
  • Our team consists of valuation and tax experts with years of experience across many industries
  • We use audit-defensible methods to get the most out of any discounts for the Company
  • Our reports are detailed driven

Feel free to reach out to our team to obtain a sample report on Gift & Estate tax. Our team is glad to provide assistance navigating this complex process on transferring assets and the taxes involved.

Benefits of Choosing Eqvista

With Eqvista’s estate and gift tax valuation service, you can be sure that your assets will be valued fairly and audit defensible. Along with accuracy, get a dedicated team of experts who can ensure tailor recommendations to your unique situation and promise timely delivery. We ensure your privacy and make sure all your data is stored securely, protecting it from loss or misuse, and unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, and destruction.

Get gift and estate tax valuation under Eqvista’s guidance to confidently handle complex valuation issues, make sound financial judgments, and stay in line with all applicable regulations.

How to Engage Eqvista for Gift & Estate Tax Valuation?

To get gift and estate tax valuation from Eqvista, all you need to do is contact our valuation team, who will run you through the entire process. We offer an estate and gift tax valuation service tailored to your unique estate and gift tax planning situation with complete customer support from NACVA-certified valuation analysts starting at just $2,000. Get a gift and estate tax valuation from industry leaders today!

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