Virtual Data Room Providers

Virtual data room providers ensure that businesses have a secure way to store documents that require multiple people to access at the same time.

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) have emerged as a common solution for storing and sharing sensitive corporate information as businesses of all sizes have moved away from heavy reliance on physical documents and embraced digital solutions that improve the way a company operates. Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are secure online repositories that allow users to precisely control who can access specific information in the repository, making VDRs particularly useful for facilitating important financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and IPOs.

Virtual data room providers

Every business is a data company. To this extent, data rooms can benefit any company. The virtual data room specializes in storing, organizing, categorizing, sharing, and ultimately leveraging data for value (the goal of ‘every’ firm now). Virtual data room providers ensure that businesses have a secure way to store documents that require multiple people to access at the same time.

Businesses can also use the providers to secure data when merging, working on a project, or engaging in another joint venture that requires access to shared data. They are also considered more secure than physical documents because there is no risk of loss during transit or accidental destruction.

Understand virtual data room

A virtual data room is a web-based electronic document repository where a company can securely store confidential documents and grant access to any authorized person. This environment is, in fact, extremely secure and encrypted using algorithms similar to those used in electronic banking (EV SSL). The administrator strictly monitors and limits access to information. The administrator decides who has access to information, which documents specifically, and to what extent (e.g., whether a user will be able to save files, print them, etc.). The administrator invites users to VDR but has the authority to deny or limit their access at any time.

How does a virtual data room work?

A virtual data room provides online access to documents that support an investment proposal or potential merger and acquisition. In other words, it lets you share folders on your computer with people who need access without them having to leave the office. The virtual data room gives authorized users access to secure documents via a dedicated website or secure agent applications. The data room is set up as part of the central repository of data relating to companies or divisions being acquired or sold during the mergers and acquisitions process.

Importance of choosing the best virtual data room provider for your company

Choosing the best virtual data room is an extreme process since it helps you to store your data most transparently. The task of picking the right provider is not an easy one. There are many options to choose from, and all of them seem like it when you first look at them. But there are some important differences that you will want to account for before making a decision. Most VDR providers (at least the good ones) will allow you to test their software. Pay close attention to the interface as you progress through the trial. They also provide digital rights management capabilities, such as encryption and complete control over how a document is used, edited, copied, or even printed.

How to choose the best virtual data room provider?

Virtual Data Rooms, or VDRs, have grown in importance as tools for secure business communication. It is critical to exercise extreme caution when selecting a VDR provider. Examining the provider’s contributions and pricing for Virtual Data Rooms. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a virtual data room provider.

  • Pricing – VDRs can be very affordable, but their pricing models vary. Set a rough budget before you start looking, as this will help you narrow your search. You should also consider the length of your project (or, if the time frame is unknown, make a note of it) and the number of users your data room will have.
  • Customization – The level of customization provided by VDRs varies. If you require extensive user management or document type approvals, look for services that provide you with this level of control. Otherwise, your VDR may not provide exactly what you require.
  • Accessibility – A cutting-edge VDR provider must assist all of the devices out there. It increases the data room’s accessibility and allows members of a business procedure to work with the document while on the go, thereby speeding up the transaction. The product should be cloud-based so that users from a data room do not need to install any software to access the documents. Furthermore, a versatile application for small devices should be available so that portable clients can work with documents on any VDR software.
  • Features – Step one should naturally assist you in developing a set of criteria for your ideal VDR. With these criteria in mind, you must now determine which features will best address your company’s specific goals. Some VDRs are simply VDRs – a secure location to store documents – while others include features that encourage collaboration and due diligence, and still, others go even further with project management features.
  • Time-consuming – It is extremely important to understand whether the virtual data provider you are choosing can process data quickly or not. It must be able to perform actions more timely and accurately.
  • Data and project management – Not all virtual data rooms provide the same level of document control. Before deciding on a VDR, make sure that authorized users only have access to the files that they need to see for their specific roles and responsibilities. If a potential service provider cannot guarantee document control, you should look elsewhere for your company’s requirements.
  • Security or encryption – When choosing a VDR, obviously, security is of the utmost importance. Compromise documents not only harm deals, but they can also destroy companies and their reputations, putting thousands, if not millions, of people’s personal information at risk. When shopping for a VDR, rule out any that are not ISO 27081 compliant. Similarly, eliminate options that lack two-factor authentication to reduce password theft, strong encryption methods to keep documents secure, and digital watermarking capabilities to prevent illegal copying.
  • Data storage – Virtual is a safe online storage and distribution system for documents. It should be used to review, share, and disclose company documentation during the due diligence process preceding a merger or acquisition.

Some of the best virtual data room providers

These are the best virtual data room providers. Hereby we are explaining the basic functionality, pricing, and important metrics on which they are based.


Eqvista can help you manage your company’s cap table and valuations! Eqvista offers various packages for storing your data by becoming the most powerful virtual data room. We enable seed-stage to pre-IPO companies to electronically manage the equity in order to capture all shareholder activities.

  • Pricing – There are three packages: freemium, premium, and enterprise. Freemium includes services like data sharing with up to 20 shareholders, the financing round modeling, waterfall analysis, cap table management. Premium includes unlimited data sharing with unlimited shareholders, cap table, and management. Enterprise includes services with 409a valuation and cap table management.
  • Functionality – Eqvista provides a comprehensive permit system as well as dynamic and static watermarking. You’ll also get a simple permissions system with four levels of access. You have access to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email and phone. Individual document page bookmarking, customizable notifications, individual and bulk invitations, protected document archiving, and deletion are all extremely useful features for configuring the virtual data room.

Deal Room

Global intelligence platform for startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems, and investment strategies. It provides various storage options as well. M&A software with built-in VDR offers M&A professionals a solution for sharing large amounts of sensitive documents, alleviating the burden of having to collect and disclose confidential information during the due diligence process.

  • Pricing – VDRs can be prohibitively expensive, depending on the project and vendor. Software for deal rooms is available for $500 per month from deal room vendors.
    The deal room typically charges between $0.40 and $0.85 per page, depending on the scope of the project. The cost of a data room will range between $100 and $250 per administrative user.
  • Functionality – When starting a project, the first thing a team wants to do is learn new, complex tools. Deal rooms offer user-friendly options and make life easier. Dealroom offers virtual data rooms with simple, user-friendly platforms, live chat support, email, phone, and other customer services.

Firm Room

VDRs are required in a variety of industries for due diligence, deal-making, and document organization. FirmRoom provides a safe and secure VDR for your team.

  • Pricing – The pricing for a firm room starts with the standard package as $500 a month inclusive of services like data storage of 10 GB with unlimited users and one room.
    The pro package cost upto $800 a month with 50 GB of data containing one room and unlimited users. There are a few premium and enterprise packages as well that are customized as per client needs.
  • Functionality – The firm room’s virtual data room includes drag and drop functionality, bulk file upload, a secure built-in document viewer, individual document page bookmarking, customizable notifications, and individual and bulk invitation. They also provide excellent data storage and high-level security.

Why choose Eqvista as your best virtual data room provider?

Virtual data rooms are increasingly taking the place of physical data rooms, which were previously used to disclose and share documents. With the globalization of business and increased pressure to cut costs, virtual data rooms are a more appealing option than physical data rooms. Virtual data rooms are more widely available, instantly available, and more secure. Eqvista offers a competitive price and you get free training from us. We ensure that your data storage is extremely secure and accurate. We provide availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free access to the VDR knowledge base, multiple languages, single-point-of-contact resolution, and quick response times. To know more about our services. Fill up the sign up form and get started.

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