Tax Advisory and Equity Consultation Services

Tax advisory services for founders, employees, and investors. We help you comply with regulations and maximize tax savings for your equity investments.

If you’re a startup founder or early employee, you should grasp the tax consequences of your company’s structure, taxation on equity, and stock option exercise. Navigating tax strategies for savings becomes trickier as your company grows, especially if an IPO, merger, or acquisition is on the horizon. Eqvista guides and educates businesses about taxes and provides you with the tools required to operate in this complex market.

Here is how to leverage Eqvista’s tax advisory services for your business success.

Tax and Equity Advisory for Founders & Employees

When it comes to minimizing taxed income, Eqvista’s experts easily spot risks and opportunities and guide founders and investors in making smart financial decisions. Here is how Eqvista sets a positive trajectory for successful equity management and financial growth for founders, employees, and investors.

  • Our team of accredited tax advisors ensures expert guidance, aligning tax strategies with equity goals for founders, employees, and investors.
  • Our Tax and Equity Advisory services, tailored to individual business needs, offer personalized solutions, optimizing savings and fostering financial growth.
  • Eqvista’s all-in-one platform simplifies financial management, providing founders, employees, and investors with Cap table management, valuation, 409a compliance, and streamlined IRS filings.
  • With over 15,000 companies relying on Eqvista, our Tax and Equity Advisory services have earned a reputation for reliability and effectiveness in navigating tax complexities and optimizing equity-related processes.

Eqvista Tax Advisory Services

Here at Eqvista’s Tax Planning and Advisory Services, we combine precise financial analysis with knowledgeable advice. We consider every detail as we negotiate aspects of tax preparation as part of our superior customer service. Whether it’s improving tax positions, dealing with different types of stock structures, or looking into bigger tax issues, Eqvista is a reliable partner for the following reasons:

  • Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) – Eqvista provides expert guidance on qualifying for QSBS status, offering opinion letters to support eligibility and maximizing potential tax benefits for investors.
  • Early Exercise Advisory service – Our Early Exercise Advisory service, including 83(b) filings, empowers individuals to optimize tax positions and enhance financial flexibility when dealing with stock options.
  • Equity Vesting – Eqvista navigates the intricacies of equity vesting, offering tailored solutions to founders and employees for effective tax planning and maximizing the benefits of vested equity.
  • Guidance on Tax Implications – Eqvista ensures comprehensive understanding and guidance on tax implications for various equity types, including Restricted Stock Units (RSU), Restricted Stock Awards (RSA), Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Non-Qualified Stock Options (NSO), and Phantom Stock.
  • Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) – We provide in-depth insights into the taxation difference of ISOs, assisting individuals in making informed decisions to optimize tax advantages.
  • Other taxation complexities – Eqvista addresses other taxation complexities, including Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), distinguishing between short-term and long-term gains, and establishing a solid tax basis for comprehensive financial planning.

Personalized Approach to Tax and Equity Advisory

A company’s goal should be to reduce its tax liability while maximizing its tax savings. With expertise in discerning potential opportunities and threats, our specialists facilitate the formation of well-informed financial judgments concerning equity.

Personalized Approach to Tax and Equity Advisory

  • Initial consultation – The first step to getting the most out of your initial consultation is thoroughly discussing your unique equity and tax requirements. To better serve you, the professionals at Eqvista will get to know your financial situation.
  • Assessment – We take the time to examine your present equity and tax circumstances carefully. The goal is to thoroughly grasp your financial situation by finding places where you may cut costs or enhance your position.
  • Strategy development – Using the information gathered, Eqvista creates customized equity taxation services suitable for your particular requirements and objectives. This plan will help you maximize your financial situation.
  • Implementation – In terms of execution, Eqvista handles all the groundwork, such as filling out the necessary paperwork and putting the plan into motion without a hitch. This phase guarantees a seamless shift from preparation to execution by providing continuous guidance and assistance as required.


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With prices starting at just $350, our Tax and Equity Advisory plan gives you complete financial clarity. It begins with,

  • A non-binding consultation call to explore your requirements and goals.
  • Our seasoned professionals will examine the tax system, important factors, possible obstacles, and important data in a comprehensive tax analysis.
  • Next, we’ll have a follow-up session to double-check.
  • We can provide customized quotes for extra consultations and individual projects if you want more.
  • Plus, with the Eqvista Enterprise Package, customers get a complimentary one-hour consultation. This opportunity lets Enterprise Package clients discuss their tax and equity issues with our specialists, guaranteeing a more tailored and thorough understanding of finances.
At Eqvista, we personalize solutions to our clients unique needs.

Master Your Taxes: Let Eqvista help you minimize tax liabilities and maximize your earnings

Tax preparation is an important task for employees and founders of startups at various points in their professions. Proactive action can assist in reducing tax obligations and optimize transactional financial advantages. Eqvista’s expertise will help you realize the potential of precision in financial planning. In addition to reducing your tax burden, our corporate tax advisory services will help you maximize your earnings. With careful tax preparation, we provide insightful information that gives you a clear pathway to excel in complicated financial environments.

Contact us immediately to build a stronger, more secure, and financially rewarding future for your business!

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