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Interview With Tiago Rebelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Connected

Eqvista welcomes you to another episode of the Founder Spotlight series! We are introducing Tiago Rebelo, the Co-Founder and CEO of Connected, a Portuguese startup dedicated to delivering universal, standardized, and affordable narrowband connectivity from space using Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology. So, join us now, and let’s hear Tiago’s awe-inspiring story about how … Continued

Reserve Your Seat, Business Banking Battles Seminar Co-hosted by Cheqly

Eqvista is excited to announce that our partner, Cheqly, a leading FinTech company, is co-hosting a seminar titled ‘Business Banking Battles: Big Value in the Face of Traditional Bank Industry Turmoil’ in collaboration with Mbanq and The Financial Policy Council. This event will be held in New York City at The Penn Club and is … Continued

AI Valuation Craze: Unveiling the Latest Trends Shaping the AI Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a part of science fiction but is now a realistic possibility. It is an ever-present fact of life that shapes our experiences. AI has grown pervasive in our online experiences, powering everything from conversational voice assistants to tailored product suggestions. As we explore the current developments in AI Landscape, we … Continued

What is section 280G? When does it apply?

Section 280G was enacted to protect shareholders’ interests by prohibiting companies from making excessive payments to unqualified individuals when control of a corporation changes hands. Only public and private corporations are covered under Section 280G. It does not apply to partnerships taxed as S-Corps, Partnerships, or LLCs. Golden parachute payments are both limited in amount … Continued

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