Managing Shares

Managing shares means keeping a record of all the details of the shareholders.

Managing shares means keeping a record of all the details of the shareholders, the price of each share, the class of the share, how it is offered, when it was offered and other important details. A company is made of shares that let us know its value. And these shares are given out to the main members of the company upon incorporation. It is also used when raising capital for new ventures or by offering them an appreciation to the employees for their service. And with all the shares coming in and going out of the company, it is important to keep an eye on it as being the owner, you would not want to lose your ownership. That is where you need to begin managing the shares in your company. Managing shares means keeping a track of all the shares that make up the company. When your company grows, and you look for outside funding, you will need to offer shares to investors in exchange for funds. This is where the importance of managing shares takes place, in order for you to track the ownership and make sure you are not giving out too many shares to the others. To know more about how to manage shares and what managing shares means, check out our blog or knowledge center here. And if you have not yet started using Eqvista as your cap table application, it’s time to do so. Check out our cap table software here & contact us today!

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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