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Managing your cap table might be expensive and time-consuming. Upgrade it with Eqvista in an inexpensive and efficient way.

We asked clients why they were switching from Carta to Eqvista

Don’t pay $5,500 for the basic package, We only charge $1,500 for services of the same scope!

  • No yearly subscription – We don’t stress your budget you can pay us monthly

  • Don’t wait weeks for 409a – Get it done in a matter of days

  • Instant support – Don’t wait days for one single email or replay

If you currently have a subscription with Carta, we will waive your subscription with us for the remaining period. There are no migration fees associated.

For example: Your subscription with Carta is active till June, we will waive the subscription fee for the next six months. You will have free access to our platform up to June 30, 2024.

Why choose Eqvista?

We are leading experts in equity management and valuation services, and we offer:

Free Onboarding Within 5 Days

Unlimited 409a valuation updates

All on one platform

How do we onboard you in two days?

We offer a seamless transition to Eqvista, providing free cap table onboarding for clients migrating from Carta.

Provide us access to the Carta platform with your current cap table, or share the spreadsheet version with us.
We will handle onboarding, data transfer, and check for any errors on the existing cap table, helping you correct them.
Once the onboarding is complete, we will send you an email to double-check the cap table and information in Eqvista.

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Everything you need to know for a seamless cap table migration to use Eqvista like an expert.

What information do I need to provide?

We typically require your current cap table, Articles of Incorporation, Founder’s shares, Preferred shares conditions, Convertible notes, Options, ESOP, Equity classes/Investment rounds (Pre-seed, Seed, A, B, C), and Vesting schedules.

For data collection, we offer two methods: you can either grant us access to your Carta account or share a spreadsheet version of your cap table with us.


How secure is data on Eqvista?

Rest assured, your personal information is safe with us. We do not sell, trade, or transfer your data to third parties. Eqvista, a SaaS company offering cap table services stored in the cloud, ensures the security of your data in transit through the establishment of TLS/SSL connections.

How much does it cost?

For clients switching from other providers, we offer free cap table migration and setup, a service valued at $350.

As an Eqvista user, you can begin with a Freemium subscription, offering free access for up to 20 shareholders. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Premium subscription, priced at $2 per shareholder and unlocking many additional features. For those interested, we also offer an Enterprise subscription, providing unlimited 409A valuations in addition to all the Premium features.


Will company staff and investors be notified?

You have full control over shareholder notifications and access distribution. Shareholders can receive an email to accept their Eqvista security when alerted. Additionally, you can effortlessly distribute shareholder access using our platform.

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