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Cap Table, 409a Valuation and Annual Corporate Filings: Manage everything with the equity management platform that over 15,000 companies trust.

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We at Eqvista understand how daunting it can be to manage a business. Each business has its own unique challenges, but most, if not all, businesses share something in common: managing their equity. Equity management can be complex depending on the methods you use. Aside from this, business owners also need to take care of administrative work and valuations, which can get overwhelming if not executed properly.

If you are looking for an all-in-one package for cap table management, corporate filings and 409A valuations, Eqvista’s Enterprise Plan is the perfect solution for your business needs. Effectively manage your company with our cap table platform, corporate filings

Everything Your Company Needs

Our Enterprise Plan includes everything you need to manage your business smoothly. Here’s what’s included in our Enterprise Plan:

  • All features of Premium – Enterprise users can enjoy all features available in our Premium Plan, including having unlimited users and companies, certificate management, stock-based compensation (ASC 718), financial modeling and spreadsheet feature.
  • Free Cap Table One-Time Setup – Our team will help you set up your cap table on our platform for FREE (valued at $350). We will simplify the process of setting up your cap table and inout all of your equity data onto our platform. Afterwards, you can manage your cap table more efficiently.
  • Annual Corporate Filings – We understand that managing a business comes with a lot of paperwork. To make sure all of your filings are in order, we have partnered with IncParadise to provide you with Annual Corporate Filings. This will help you streamline 
  • Unlimited 409a valuations – You can receive unlimited 409A valuations for 12 months with your plan. While a 409A valuation is valid for one year, there could be situations where a 409A refresh* is needed. This is why we offer our users with unlimited 409A valuations to maintain safe harbor and comply with the federal tax code.
  • Client & Phone Support – Not only do we provide a comprehensive support center to guide you through the Eqvista platform, but we also provide top of the line customer service support. No matter the problem, we will be there to help you.

*Please note: In case your company goes through a material event, consult our specialists for more details.

Enterprise Pricing

Our Enterprise Plan is priced depending on the number of shareholders you have. This is to make sure you are getting the best price for your business. The pricing is as follows:

  • Under 30 – $125/month
  • Under 60 – $160/month
  • Under 100 – $210/month
  • Under 200 – $280/month
  • 200+ – By Quotation

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered and answered most common questions to provide a better understanding of Eqvista’s Enterprise Plan:  

What is Eqvista Enterprise Plan?

Eqvista Enterprise Plan is an all-in-one package of cap table management, 409A valuations, share issuance and corporate filings. The plan is perfect for fast growing companies and those undergoing funding rounds. The plan includes:

  • All features of Premium plan
  • Unlimited 409A valuations for 12 months
  • Free Cap Table Onboarding
  • Annual Corporate Filings
  • Unlimited shareholders and users
  • Client Support

What are the terms of the Enterprise Plan?

For the duration of the Eqvista Enterprise Plan, users will have access to all features on the Eqvista platform and associated services. We support our users on cap table needs, 409a valuations and filings, to ensure your business is on top of everything. 

How is the Enterprise Plan billed?

The Enterprise Package is an annual contract. Compared to other providers that require upfront payment, Eqvista offers monthly payment terms who prefer to do so. For example, if you have 90 shareholders, the annual fee for Enterprise Plan is $2,520. If you prefer to pay on a monthly basis, the fee is $210.

How do I sign up for an Enterprise Plan?

We pride ourselves on adapting our services to our clients’ needs. Eqvista Enterprise is designed for companies looking for something extra. Contact our sales representatives for a tailor-made solution for you and your company.

I have an existing account with Eqvista, can I upgrade my account to Enterprise?

Yes, upgrading your subscription is always possible, just contact our sales representative who will go over your requirements with you and prepare a solution according to your needs.

Is Eqvista certified to perform 409A valuations?

Yes, our team has the required certification to perform 409A valuations for your company. We are NACVA certified, and utilize the best practices to offer our clients audit defensible 409A valuations. Our specialized team uses the best methodologies and has a proven approach to get your company’s valuation.

How do I get a 409A valuation from Eqvista?

You can send us a request directly in the application or contact us through our service page. This would lead you to a form where you need to add your details, as well as your company’s. Also, you can send an email to info@eqvista.com and share your details. Our team will get back to you once we receive your request.

What information or documents do I need to provide to get my 409A valuation?

We will need the following documents to proceed with your 409A valuation:

  • Cap table
  • Corporate documents
  • Company information
  • Income statement and balance sheet front the previous year
  • Future forecasts
  • If your company has any subsidiary, provide all of their separate financial details

Eqvista is trusted by over 15,000 companies

Eqvista has helped thousands of companies to manage their equity, and your company can be a part of it. Running a business is made easier with us!