Incubators & Accelerators

Use the Eqvista app to manage and organize the shares of your clients.

By fostering a community and incubator & accelerators for startups, Eqvista supports all kinds of businesses on our platform. You will be able to manage all the important data on our app for your client’s cap table and shareholding, and have access to more advanced features like financial round modeling and waterfall analysis with each new round of funding. Easily invite partners and other investors to view the company’s cap table online as well.

You can also issue, approve and accept employee option grants, create KISS or Safe convertible notes, or monitor the vesting schedules over time all from one place! We support both types of electronic shares and digital shares, suited for both traditional and modern ways of keeping your company’s share documents organized.

Not familiar with what a Cap Table is? Our cap table management software is designed to keep an organized layout of your startups shareholdings and number of shareholders in place. We are constantly improving our site to provide new incubators & accelerators access to our education materials and information for them to grow. You can find out more about it in our Eqvista guide for Incubators & Accelerators.

Eqvista welcomes Incubators & Accelerators

  • Eqvista partners with Startup accelerators & incubators – Our advanced cap table software let’s you process your client’s shareholdings with ease. Also be sure to take a look at our news information and app developments.

  • Create an account for your client
  • Add as many shareholders as you’d like
  • The onboarding process will require the company Articles of Association, including details such as the company name, incorporation date, number of authorized shares, the par value and the founders information

Why choose Eqvista?

Manage your client’s shareholders completely with Eqvista. You can easily send the details of the company’s shares to the partners and shareholders all online. You can also export the data and make use of it offline as well.

Cap Table management features

  • Cloud-based Cap table management solution
  • Managing the cap table in the cloud and share with relevant parties
  • Issuing electronic stock (supporting Certificated shares)
  • Maintaining the equity ledger
  • Offering personalized shareholder portals
  • Creating ESOP (Employees Stock Ownership Plans)
  • Creating, managing and apply a Vesting Plans for shareholders
  • Supporting all types of Convertible instruments as Convertible Notes, KISS etc.
  • Creating, managing and exercising Options and Warrants
  • Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling

Technical Features

  • Share regulation compliance
  • Process automation
  • Share the Cap Table with your partner and give them access
  • Assign different roles to shareholders

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

If you want to start issuing and managing shares, Try out our Eqvista App, it is free and all online!