We understand that it is so challenging to evaluate early phase organizations, scaleups, or new businesses. That’s why we have made a startup valuation calculator to easily give you a valuation for your startup instantly.

After you have filled up the required information about your company and made the payment for a startup valuation, a set of questions will open up. These questions will determine the value of your startup. You don’t need to prepare any documents beforehand, simply answer the 30 multiple choice questions and our feature will determine your startup valuation.

Startup Valuation Questionnaire

The questionnaire comprises 30 multiple choice questions, with 5 categories asking about different aspects of your company. The 5 categories are:

  • Team/Management
  • Business
  • Product
  • Market
  • Sales and Marketing

All  of these are mentioned on the right side of the page you land after the payment. It is shown below:

Startup Valuation Questionnaire


The first step is to fill the questionnaire related to the management. The main aim of this page is to collect information on the founders and their experience with startups and management. You will come across questions like the total number of permanent employees in the company, experience of the founders, experience of the founders on a startup and management experience etc. Fill in the correct answers and click on “Next Step”.

Note: You can go back to a previous page if you need more time to answer a question.

questionnaire related to the management


Once you click on the “next step” you will land on the business section of the questionnaire. It will include questions such as scalability of the business, development stage, type of funding, potential for an exit and much more. Fill in the questionnaire by selecting the option of your choice and click on “Next step”.

questions such as scalability of the business


The next stage includes all the questions related to your product. Various questions such as uniqueness of the idea, stages of company product, duplication of product will be covered in this section. click on “Next step” once you are done filling the questionnaire. Also you can revisit the previous step by clicking on the previous step button on the left side.

questions related to your product


Next step will be the market. This step will include questions related to competitiveness in the market, expected market share and plans for international expansion.

questions related to competitiveness in the market

Sales and marketing

This section talks about how strong is your company as a brand, relationship with partners, vendors, suppliers and much more. Once you have filled the entire questionnaire you can view the report.

questions related to sales and marketing

Once you click on ‘View Report’, it will show all the Pre-money valuation and method breakdown. You can download this report by simply clicking the Download button.

startup valuation report

It is this simple to get your startup valuation report on Eqvista. To know more, check out our support articles and knowledge base here. Contact us for any queries!

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