Assigning Executors by Admin for Signing Share Certificate

Eqvista has added another feature in our app where the shareholder can sign the share certificate online and request the company to sign and finalize the share issuance process by completing the share certificate. But before we can talk about assigning the executors (mostly the director or the secretary) to sign the share certificate, you will need to share the shareholder access with … Continued

Does Eqvista support certified (digital or paper) and uncertified (electronic) shares?

Yes, Eqvista supports both uncertified (electronic) shares and certified (digital or paper) shares. Both electronic certificates and paper certificates are similar, meaning the bylaws and charters are not affected. The main difference between them is that electronic certificates are stored electronically instead of on paper. Here are the steps for how you can view your digital … Continued

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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