A superuser is the creator of the Eqvista account. This person has the right to take any action in the company profile, including giving access to handling of the transactions to an account user.

On the other hand, a “User” is the person who (after they get access from the superuser), can issue shares, grants, options, and warrants, terminate the transactions, track the company’s standing, and even add shareholders. This account user does not have permission to change any major information in the company profile or even delete the profile, unlike the superuser.

Here is how a superuser can add an account to the company:

Step 1: Log in to the app and select your company profile as the superuser. Once you reach the dashboard, click on “Company” and then on “Users” to reach the following page.

Account users overview

Note: You can see that the superuser is the only one here and is the one that has the rights to share access to others, including administrators.

To add a user (admin), click on “Add new user”.

Step 2: With this, a new panel will appear where you will first have to add the email of the user. Once you do this, click on “submit” and another panel will shown up.

Add new account user

You need to add the details of this admin. The details include the first name, last name, and their role.

There are four roles available for you to choose from. An administrator, a lawyer, an external advisor, and an accountant. Once selected, click on “Send invitation”. With this, an invitation to join has been sent to the admin.

And just like this, you can easily add users to your company profile and give them access to the cap table based on their roles.

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