The transactions that take place after a primary issuance has been granted is called a secondary transaction. And one of the most important secondary transactions is a share transfer.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can transfer shares from one shareholder to another.

Step 1: Log into your Eqvista account and select your company profile. Once you do this, you will reach the dashboard where you will need to click on “Securities” and then on “Equity Share Class”. The moment you do this, you will be directed to the page as shown below.

Equity Share Class

Here we will select a security class, “Class A”.

Step 2: When you do this, you will be directed to the page where you can see all the share grants under this security class.

share grants

From here we will click on the share grant “CS-0087”.

Step 3: You will be directed to the page showing that Matt Daehler was issued 1,000 shares and the certificate number is CS-0087, as below:

Share Details

Once here, you can begin the process to transfer shares. Click on “Actions” and then from the mini drop-down menu, click on “Transfer stock”.

Step 4: By doing this, you will get a pop-up window where you will need to fill in some details of the share transfer.

share transfer details

You will need to select the shareholder name from the list available to whom the shares will be transferred too. Ensure that the person is already added as a shareholder in the company profile. 

Note: Here is how to add a shareholder to your company profile on Eqvista.

In addition to this, you will also have to select the transfer type. There are two options; one is a partial transfer and the other is a full transfer. In this case, we selected the option “full transfer”

Step 5: The page will appear as below.

Transfer type

As seen above, the transfer type added is “full transfer”. This means that the total number of shares that “Matt Daehler” owns would be transferred to “Henry Cook”. All you will need to do is give a name to the certificate, price per share, transfer date and click on “Save”.

Step 6: By doing this, you will be redirected where you will see that the transfer has been processed

share transferred

You can see the new share certificate name here and who it is issued to. But to see what effect it has on the secondary transactions, you will have to go to the secondary transaction list. The next step will help you with viewing this.

Step 7: For this, click on “Cap Table” and then on “Secondary transactions” from the drop-down menu to reach the following page:

From here, click on the “Transfers” tab. You will then be able to see the details of the transfer of shares just conducted, as highlighted above.

And just like this, you can easily transfer shares on Eqvista. To know more about how to use Eqvista, check out the support articles here!

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