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Client Spotlight: Adam Hoeksema, Co-Founder of ProjectionHub

We got to know more about Adam Hoeksema, co-founder of ProjectionHub in this edition of Client Spotlight! Learn more about how Adam convinced his brother to embark on their journey in developing what ProjectionHub is today, and how age does not hinder great business ideas. What’s your story? How did you come up with your … Continued

Client Spotlight: Interview with Maria Worley, Founder of Start.law, P.C

We had a quick chat with Maria Worley, an attorney and founder of Start.law, P.C. Maria maintains an active practice focused on supporting startups with a social impact. She shares her journey of making legal counsel easily accessible for startups by creating a virtual law firm. What’s your story? What excites you about your industry?  … Continued

Client Spotlight: Interview with Brian Hutchins, CEO of Waitlist Me

In this client spotlight, we got the chance to interview Brian Hutchins, CEO of Waitlist Me. With almost 20 years of experience working with several successful startups in internet marketing and product management, Brian shares how solving a problem can become a great product for a new business. What’s your story? Can you tell us … Continued

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