Filling out startup valuation questionnaire

We understand that it is so challenging to evaluate early phase organizations, scaleups, or new businesses. That’s why we have made a startup valuation calculator to easily give you a valuation for your startup instantly. After you have filled up the required information about your company and made the payment for a startup valuation, a … Continued

How to issue and record phantom stocks on Eqvista

Many organizations offer their senior-level representatives with additional company benefits alongside their salaries. These advantages typically include employee compensation for the type of company stock. There are a ton of employee equity plans that are used such as ESOPs, phantom stock, and stock options. Among these plans, phantom stock is viewed as an extraordinary method … Continued

How to issue preferred shares on Eqvista?

Preferred equity is an equity investment that has preference over common equity for cash flow distributions. The preferred equity is positioned between the senior debt and common equity in a real estate investment. This means that the distribution and return of capital to preferred equity holders’ investments are subordinate to the senior debt, and still … Continued

Spreadsheet view- Table for shareholders

Managing shareholders, common equity, cap tables and company filings is much easier and efficient with Eqvista. You can manage all of your equity in one place without any trouble.  With the new Spreadsheet feature, users can now manage large volumes of data (shareholders, stocks, grants, etc.), in a similar way to Excel spreadsheets. You can … Continued

Spreadsheet view – Table for option grants

We at Eqvista are always looking for new ways to help solve our clients’ problems in managing their company stock, common equity, cap tables, and company filings. One such problem our clients encounter is the large number of option grants they need to issue and keep track of.  With our new Spreadsheet feature, Eqvista users … Continued

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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